Monday, December 22, 2008

The boys visit Santa

The boys got to sit on Santa's lap at Fisher's Christmas program. This was especially fun since Santa could sign. Fisher was able to tell Santa his name and what he wanted for Christmas without an interpreter.

Tucker too got to sit on Santa's lap and could hold his own signing to him as well.

Merry Christmas!

Tucker enjoying USDB's program:

USDB's Christmas program..proud moment!

The last 2-3 years Fisher has been going to USDB they have a Christmas program. It is so cute, and for the last 2-3 years Fisher just sits or stands there with his classic "Stone Face"...not this year! This year Fisher actually participated in the program. Here is video for proof! Enjoy!
In case you can't make out the is the reindeer hokey pokey.
Fisher is in the center with the green shirt and antlers and mittens! It takes him awhile to warm up to performing...but he does do it!

Some of it may be a little blurry..sorry about that!

Christmas time at Temple Square

For the last ten years or so that I have been home from my mission, my companions and I have talked (or atleast wished) about starting a tradition. Well..this year it happened! My first greenie, Sister Soderstrom, or Storm as she is more affectionately called, and her cute family met us at Temple Square to see the lights. After we all freezed our toes and fingers off we went to JB's next to Temple Square for hot chocolate.

Thanks Storm (and Ben and kids as well) for helping me to follow through with this!
Sorry this is the only picture I had. I guess we were too cold to get one of us all.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I just elfed our family and added more post

I added more posts and elfed our family. remember to mute the music on the bottom of our page so you can get the full effect!

George family elfed

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

A few pictures of our house

Many of you have asked me to post pictures of our house that Steve built. Well, here are a few. Most of these are of the kitchen and family room where the majority of our Christmas decorations are. I will try to post the rest of the house later. This occasion these rooms were both really clean!

Journal Worthy entries

I seem to document more things here than my journal so here are a few more entries:

One: While putting up our Christmas decorations the boys wanted to help. As Steve was setting up the nativity set Fisher disappeared for a short while. He came back with a toy sheep and handed it to Steve. Steve placed it next to the shepherd and there it sits for a while. I thought it was so cute and sweet and glad to know he knows what the nativity set is all about!

Two: Tucker came Christmas shopping with me last week. While strolling through the electronic section of walmart he saw a football game on several of the tvs on display. He yelled (and i do mean yell) Oh football! YEAH! get the ball, go, go, go! YEAH!

I thought it was so cute and even laughed a bit!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Polar Express surprise!!

This year Mom and Dad Hanson surprised us all on Thanksgiving Night with tickets for all of us to ride the Polar Express in Heber City! It was so fun!! We were served cookies and hot chocolate, sang christmas songs, read the book the Polar Express together and rode to "the north pole". When we arrived at the "north Pole" Santa boarded the train and talked to all the kids and gave them each a bell to remind them of the story.
Thanks mom and was fun!

The Polar Express

Thanksgivng at the Hanson Cabin

Birthday Bash!

I got spoiled this year for my lasted for 3 days! My mom took me to lunch and shopping on friday the 21st, my sisters-in-law took me shopping on saturday the 22nd (with Steve's money- his gift) and went out to dinner with him that night, then had cake and icecream with family on Sunday my actual birthday.
Kendra, my sister-in-law gave me a makeover: new haircut, style and makeup. I had so much fun just having a girls day! Here are pictues of my new do and b-day party!

Fisher's veteran's day program

USDB had a veterans day program and Fisher's class got to participate. Steve and I thought this year would be the year when he finally participates...not much!
It was still cute to see him sit up there with his class.

Some of my favs