Wednesday, January 30, 2008

mommy in time out!

Yesterday Tucker was mad that i wouldn't do something he wanted; now i can't remember exactly what that was. I heard the kitchen chair scooting out and he looked at me and said "Mommy time out!" We use one of the chairs for our time out spot. It gave me a laugh!

Friday, January 11, 2008

the sunset picture

I have to give Steve proper credit. He took the beautiful picture.

Joseph and Hyrum riding out to Carthage

We ran (practically) from downtown Nauvoo up to the temple block to get to this picture in time. We got there right at sunset. across the street from this monument is the Nauvoo temple, behind it is the sun setting behind the Mississippi River. As we walked back to the hotel from here we saw fireflies or lightening bugs!

Nauvoo temple

sorry this is sideways. This is the beautiful Nauvoo temple at night. Both the outside and inside is gorgeous. All the wood inside is cherry wood. ie. floors and lockers.

Joseph Smith Jr.'s gravesite

Here we are in Nauvoo at Joseph Smith gravesite. What a neat man!

Far West MO temple lot

this picture is from our church history in June. This is the plaque in the temple lot at Far West Mo. Neat feeling there.

George family band

Dave onguitar, Ken on mandolin, Holly on violin and Steve is tickling the ivories at the Johanson Family Christmas party 2007.

Fisher and Faith rocking out to guitar hero

They were having so much fun and we snapped this picture. Rock on!

Steve on Santa's lap

Steve is asking Santa for a baby in the next year for Christmas. He knew i would say no so he went above me.

trick or treating at Dave and Camilles' house

We dressed up for the first time in 5 years of Marriage. I am some sort of crazy female scottish golfer and Steve is a bloddy hockey player. Halloween 2007

I spy president Hinckley at church

A cute thing happened on Sunday that i want to share. We have a quite book about prophets. Each page contains facts about a prophet and their picture. Fisher saw the picture of Pres. Hinckley, looked around our ward and then pointed to the old man (Bro. Carter who is about 80) and signed the sign for pres. Hinckley. I thought it was so cute!

Some of my favs