Monday, August 4, 2008

Our trip to Hill Cumorah/Kirtland/Philly

Our trip was started out in Philadelphia where the Constitution of America was written. Without the wonderful founding fathers of our great nation and their faith in God, our country and therefore church, would not exist today. this First slide show highlights some of our stops along the way. I am still working on part two. We saw many of the historic sites of our country, then headed over to Palmyra New York and Harmony PA to see the restoration sites of the Priesthood and church.When I post part two of the slide show i will add to the post and tell more about our trip. I gained a better appreciation and love for both our founding fathers and Joseph Smith, and everyone who helped him to restore the church and gospel to the earth once again.

Hill Cumorah Pagent Tour/Kirtland part 1

Some of my favs