Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fisher getting potty trained!!!

We are so excited that Fisher is well on his way to getting potty trained! We told his teacher that Grandma and Grandpa are taking us to Disneyland in May and want to get him potty trained. She started working with him at school and wa la! He listens to her better about that than me because he has been accident free for about 4 days now! He only wears a pull up at night. We are so excited and proud of him!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

George family: 2-17-08

We are a happy family!

cheesing it for the camera

aren't they cute?! Once again in the snow fort at the cabin.

cousins playing in the snow at cabin presidents day weekend

The kids made a snow fort over presidents day weekend. It was so cute. They begged the parents to sleep in it, but we wouldn't allow that...just playing.

Friday, March 7, 2008

ABCs of Me

I just got tagged by Megan so here goes: A-attached or single: Attached. B- best freinds: Steve, Tama, Storm and sisters .C-Cake or Pie: both. German chocolate or pretty much any pie my mother-in-law makes- except mince meat. D-Day of Choice: Saturday- no work no school. E-essentials: Do I have any essentials?! I guess it would be regular me/girl time. F-Favorite color: hunter green or red. G-Gummi bears or worms: no preference. H-hometown: SLC, Utah Cottonwood Heights. I-Indulgence: chocolate in any form. J-January or July: definately July I can only tolerate the cold for so long. K-kids: 2 . Fisher 4 and Tucker 2. L-Life is incomplete without: good relationships with freinds, family and god. M-Marriage date: June 7, 2002. N-Number of siblilngs: 2 sisters and 3 brothers. O-Oranges or apples: oranges. P-Phobias or fears: heights. Q-Quotes: never been a really big quote person. R-Reason to smile: because i'm alive! S-season: summer...vacation time and no school. T-tag: Heather, Amber H. and Storm.U-unknown fact about me: i have come out of my shell A Lot since leaving high school. V-vegitarian or oppressor of animals: meat lover! W-worst habit: sleeping in and staying up too late. X-x-rays or ultrasounds: really? no preference. Y- Your Favorite Food: italtian food. Z-zodiac: Sagitarius.

no blog for awhile...sorry

I haven't been able to blog for awhile because our desktop has a virus. that is the computer with all my pictures on it too! I have to wait for Steve's laptop when it is not being used for work stuff to blog. I will try to get some pictures onto the laptop and then onto our blog soon. Last week (Feb 25-28) I experienced a first....jury duty. It was a civil trial that involved a semi driver and his wife who hit a bull on i-84. they along with their tractor trailer sustained many injuries. They were suing the owner of the bull- a local Morgan ranching family. I learned a lot about our judicial system....stuff i either forgot or didn't learn in school. FYI we (the jury) found the defendants not liable...UDOT owns the side of the fence the bull escaped.
Hopefully we will get our desktop fixed soon and I can get back to normal. You don't appreciate a computer and internet until you are without one.

Some of my favs