Monday, September 28, 2009

The joys of teaching high school in the technology age!

Ok.. so here is a joy (or not so much!) that happened to me today. It is school policy that if any electronic devices (cell phones, mp3 players etc..)are on or even seen in class I have to confiscate them and turn them into the administration.
I have gone the whole year and not had anyone violate this, except today. One of my students had one out during a test today, (I heard and saw it) so I took it away. This student was so mad at me that they stormed out of class! Now not only does this student have a school rule violation, but they also have a truancy as well!
yeah..the joys of teaching hs in the technology age!
I really am a nice teacher, but do you know how distracting it is to me and other students if there is an electronic device in use while class is going?!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Goodbye Grandpa Glenrd Hanson

Today I lost my Grandpa Hanson. He lived a good long, life..87 years. Hopefully (my parents told me they think he did)he went pain free, that is how he wanted it. He wanted to go to sleep and not wake up one day. That is pretty much how it happened. He had a bad heart and has been fighting various illnesses. One finally got him today.

I have many fond memories of my Grandpa Hanson and am so glad I had the chance to make them. He loved Bear Lake. Every summer, all the Hansons would go camping there together. This July was his last Bear Lake trip. Lucky for me, I went. The last two years I missed it. This year I didn't. I got to spend some time with him and take a few pictures.

I will always remember our 4th of July sleep overs at Grandma and Grandpa's house then walking over to Grandma Greats with him. fun times!

I spent many a fun boating and water skiing trips with Grandpa, he came to many of my violin recitals and hosted great family parties. His family was his pride and joy. You are mine Grandpa!! I love you!
I remember being on the subway in New York with Grandpa Hanson and a really rough, scary looking guy sat down by us. Grandpa flat out asked him something you think I should be afraid of you? I am not! They went on to have a pleasant conversation, even laughing with each other.
He held nothing back but at the same time did not offend anyone!
I also remember being in the Smithsonian with him looking a the World War II exhibits. With tears in his eyes he told us of some of his experiences at war. A stranger overheard him and thanked him for his service to our country. I am so glad I got to have Grandpa (and Grandma) come on that trip with us!!!
It was on that trip that we saw many of the church history sites. He bore his testimony to me at seveal of the locations, testifying that the gospel is indeed true. When we we in the sacred grove he told me he knew for sure that Joseph did see God the Father and Jesus Christ.
We had a fun time together on that trip. I was preparing to serve a mission and was glad I got to spend that time with him.
When we went to Gettysburg, it was a Sunday. He told us all he could feel the Spirit there of the many soldiers who lost their lives in pursuit of a free nation. His love and pride for his country was evidenced there.
I am so glad my grandpa came on that trip with us. I got to see my grandpa in a different light and feel his love and pride of his family.

Grandpa I love and miss you ,but am happy you are enjoying a healthy body without pain or any physical trouble. You also get to see your baby Phillip again!

To my Grandpa..I love you!


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