Monday, July 28, 2008

night out with the Vassilaros

While we were back east we were able to go through a town where one of Steve's mission buddies is from. He picked us up from Valley Forge and took us to his parents house to meet his cute, wife and parents. We all went out to dinner in Allentown PA and had a blast!It was great for me to meet Dave and his wife Bonnie and meet a few people who either served in or are from Sweden. Thanks Vassilaros!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A fun weekend!

This weekend has been fun! It was such a beautiful day and evening on Friday we decided to pitch our tent in the back yard and sleep out. The boys loved it! Barry, Katie and Jackson joined us. The boys thought we were all so cool in the tents and sleeping bags. We had a fun camp out at home. The next morning Steve woke up and made us pancakes. Poor Katie had to work and couldn't join us for that. We missed you.
Saturday afternoon, we went to Classic Water slides with our friends the Fosters. Our kids (and husbands too) had so much fun on the slides. Meadow rode to Walmart with us and then home. She was so cute she wanted to hang out with us. She even fell asleep in the car with our boys.
After the fun in the sun we had a BBQ in the backyard. Steve was the cook. The men had fish and Josie and I had chicken. We just can't stomach the fish. We even lucked out with terrific watermelon and cantaloupe.
It was so fun eating, playing and hanging out together. I only got pictures of the BBQ not Classic water slide.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Steve's date with Hannah

Steve's daddy-daughter date with Hannah

Hannah, Steve's little sister, had a daddy daughter date for primary. Ken was out of town so she asked Steve to be her date. I thought that was cute and wanted to share the pictures. This took place June 7, 2008

Raptors game

The company riverside electric gets its insurance from had customer appreciation night at the Raptors game. It was fun. We got to eat dinner then enjoy the game with some family and friends!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Not tech smart!

I tried and tried to make a slide show and then post it and still can't figure it out despite the fact that some of you have told me how! Thank you to all of you who have offered to come over and help me..I think i will finally take you up on that! I thought i was pretty well up to speed on the Internet..i guess not :)

Some of my favs