Thursday, April 23, 2009

Panic stricken evening!

Last night was TheUtah School for the Deaf North Division carnival. We went to support the school and help with the fundraiser. They hired a company called Custom events to put it on for them. They bring in a whole bunch of blow up toys like the ones at Bouncing off the walls or Kangaroo Zoo, plus some games, food and a climbing wall.

Our boys were having a blast going through the mazes and playing on the slides when about 2 hours into it Melissa, Fisher's teacher, approached me and asked where his hearing aid was. I told her on its on him..she then said no...the mold is in, but the actual aid is gone.

What?! I thought. IT'S LOST?! Steve and I spent the rest of the evening looking for his hearing aid all over the grass, in each slide. Many parents, teachers and ride operators assisted us in the search. Steve and I must have looked for 1 hour straight in the grass and on all the luck! They are small and hard to see. To make matters worse our hearing aid insurance lapsed last they are currently uninsured. Basically we are out about $3,000. (each)

The school promised me they would go out and look with a metal detector first thing in the morning. I was hoping and praying it wouldn't rain (water damages them!)

Distraught I texted my friend who works for Starkey to find out my options. Didn't get any answers yet, he was still checking.

We finally gave up for the night and drove home, praying the whole way that they would be found. I retraced Fisher's steps this afternoon when I remember seeing him with both of them on. Steve took a flashlight and went out to look in the grass (our sprinklers had already been on though so if they were in the grass they now had water damage).

Steve then went out in the garage to look. He thought he heard something. (Hearing aids make a high pitch squeal when they are not in the ear.) He told me to turn off the lights (the florescent lights also make a noise) to hear better, then turn them back on. Steve made his way over to the bike trailer and FOUND THE HEARING AID!!!!! It was in the bike trailer. We had gone for a bike ride today and Fisher had on a helmet. When he took off the helmet it must have knocked off the aid from the tubing. Good thing one of us has good hearing..I cannot hear the high pitch unless I am right next the them holding it up to my ears.

He had gone to the carnival without even having the aid hooked to the mold and we didn't even know it!

Just when I was ready to give up something wonderful happens.

I am calling the hearing aid insurance company today!!!!

This is a picture of a Behind The Ear (BTE) hearing aid to give you an idea how small it is.

See how it can easily blend into the ground?! So the mold part (the part you actually place in the ear) was in his ear, but the tubing came unhooked for the rest of the aid.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pictures from the zoo!

Since the kids and I all had the day off for Spring break we went to the zoo! The Hanson cousins (those that could attend) came along. Enjoy the pictures!

Easter celebrations

This year we had the easter egg dye/hunt at the Hansons on Saturday before Easter. All of the Hansons got together to celebrate. Here are some pictures of the fun day.

Some of my favs