Tuesday, August 4, 2009

some things not to forget

Every now and then i have to post some of the cute things my kids say or i will forget. During spring break i took the boys to the zoo and they bought a back scratcher in the gift shop. it looks like a tiger and is very cute. they still have them and Tucker calls his a "scratcher backer". Every now and then he will ask me to get his "scratcher backer" and make it feel good. :)

i know there are problably sevreal other things that are cute, but now that i am in front of the computer I cannot think of them.

Tucker has been so exctited all july for woodbadge. he didn't really know what is was except for camping. He didn't understand that Dad would be in the training and Tucker wouldn't actually be part of woodbadge, just family camp...nevertheless, he had lots of fun! During family night they opened all the activites up for families. Tucker and Fisher loved the BB gun range! At first they didn't want to wear the protective eyewear or ear protectin, but once they got shooting they loved it! With Fisher i didn't really want to push the ear protection thing, because hey he's already deaf(!), but it was camp rules to wear them or no shooting, so we made him.

Monday, August 3, 2009

summer camping trips

some Bear Lake fun. i will post a separte post of all the bear lake pictures.
getting ready to iniate the fire pit steve got for fathers day

some of the George kids at our "campfire"

This is a cool picture right after the rainstorm we had in Morgan

the double rainbow we saw while having a "campfire" in our backyard

It's about time I posted something. It has been about 2 months since my last post! well. the month of July has been all about camping. Before we left for all our camping trips we thought we'd set up the tent and make sure it all fits. Steve got a fire pit for Fathers day so we tried that out as well.

Steve started the first week off by going to camp stiener with the varsity scouts of our ward. When he got home (saturday afternoon)he unpacked his stuff from the scout trailer and put most of it into our truck to leave for Cascade Lake Sunday morning. We spent sun-thursday at the 4H camp at cascade lake with Steve's stepmoms family reunion. Her family is so big (14 siblings all but one married with kids) that about the only place big enough for us now is a 4h camp. it was beautiful scenery and all our meals were taken care of so that was really nice for me! From there we drove to Bear Lake (thursday evening) to stay until Saturday night for the anual Hanson reunion. We were in a tent again here. Poor Steve only got to sleep in bed once in the last two weeks so far. Bear lake was lots of fun and surprisingly warm and calm for Bear lake.

We got home and washed all the clothes and aired out the tent for a week then left for Camp Barlett in Idaho for Woodbage/family camp..more scout training for Steve. This also was tents.

i have really come to appreciate my toilet and running warm water. Camp Bartlett has KYBO (keep your bowells open) and 6 showers for the whole camp.

While steve was off in training the family got to have fun. The kids were separted into age groups and did different acitivies daily. i was part of the spouse group and got to do several fun things like archery, shot gun range, minnetonka cave, horse back riding, and several other options. It was lots of fun, but i am glad to be home wiht running water and my own bed!

Some of my favs