Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day weekend

This year for Memorial Day we wanted to go camping, but couldn't find a spot that wasn't reserved or covered with snow, so we did it in Grandpa and Grandma George's (Ken and Shannon) backyard. The week or two before Steve and Ken dug and made a fire pit so we could have a weenie roast and make smores. It was so fun; we set up camp in the back yard and braved the rain Sunday night. Monday morning we woke up and had breakfast before we broke down camp. This was a great way for our boys to camp because it wasn't too far from home and if they needed something we were just minutes away.

Spring is here

A few weeks ago when the weather got hot we did some yard work and got the jumperoo out for the boys. As you can see they are all boys and got really dirty.

Tucker (far right) really got into weeding. All the dirt aparently made it onto his face.
It was fun; all the neighbor kids came over and jumped.

Fisher loves his bike

Saturday Fisher did something that I must document. I know this will embarrass him when he is older, but it was cute. He and Tucker were incredibly dirty from having a weenie roast so we went in to shower and bathe. Tucker wanted a bath, and Fisher wanted to shower with Dad. I was in charge of Tucker and Steve had Fisher. Steve got Fisher naked and all ready for the shower and tucker had fallen asleep so i hurried and checked my e-mail. A few minutes later i heard Dave, my brother-in-law in my house yelling for Steve or me. He had Fisher with him. Apparently Fisher had escaped from the house...naked...and was riding his trike up and down the sidewalk! Dave found him and brought him back home. I don't know how he got by me without seeing him!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gum will ease the pain on the plane...

While on the plane Fisher told me his ear hurt from taking off. I showed him some gum and told him it would make his ears feel better. He looked at me kinda wierd, took the gum, stuck it in his ear and looked at me like I was crazy! I just laughed and had to explain myself better. Duh mom you said gum would help your ear feel better!

More disneyland photos

1st time on a plane, on the beach and at Disneyland for the boys.

California Adventures with my boys.

Fisher and Garrett at Splash Mountain.

These are some more of our Disneyland pictures.

The beach day was fun, but cold! It was also our boys first time on an airplane. They loved it.

Riding the Disneyland train.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Disneyland with the Hanson family

Mom and Dad Hanson took all their kids and grandkids to Disneyland May 7-10 and it was a blast! This was the first time we have all been together in about 3 years! Thank you mom and dad...grandma and grandpa we loved it!!!!

This is one of the two 12 passenger vans. Steve (yeah small town guy) got to drive in the fun Cali traffic! Tucker met chip..or dale! Fisher met him too!

Tucker catching some zzzs while Mom and Dad are in line for Tower of Terror.

My cute family at Disneyland!
I will try and add these pictures to a slide show and better arrange them. I just gotta figure that out first.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Holly's new job!

I just got hired (May 2nd) at the DATC as a part time ASL instructor at Morgan High school. I will work 20 hours a week while Fisher is in school; just gotta find someone to watch Tucker. I am way excited about this. Two Deaf instructors are going to train and they will provide all the curriculum too. I officially start in July. They are paying me pretty well too thanks to my college degree...knew that would pay off someday!

IPod sad story

My 1 year old ipod just broke and i am so sad. I called tech support and they determined it was the battery. I am pretty sure it was because i used a cheap speaker dock (not made by apple); so be ware! I am especially sad because we are going to Disneyland in 2 days and now i can't bring it on the plane. boo hoo! It will cost $159 to repair it or i can spend another $100 dollars (on top of that) and get a new one. I think i will wait until my new job gives me a pay check then get it repaired.

Emma Smith...wow!

Recently, Steve and I saw the movie "Emma Smith, my story" it was well worth it. I always knew she was a neat woman, but this movie gave me a deeper knowledge, and appreciation for her. Many people give her a hard time for staying in Nauvoo after Joseph died and remarrying, but i don't blame her. She is an amazing woman and want to be like her. Thank you Emma Smith!

Some of my favs