Monday, June 30, 2008

Cooling off!

The boys came up with a creative way to cool off! They filled up the bucket and took turns dipping their heads in it and putting their feet in it. It was so funny i had to document it. I guess i need a kiddie pool.

My boys love their chips!

We had lunch on the deck and as you can see they love their chips! They wouldn't share one bag, so they each had their own.

Fisher's last day of school 2007-08

USDB has a family day party, and luncheon. Here is Fisher with some of his classmates and siblings as well as Whitney (teachers' aid) and teacher Melissa. They are awesome and we love them!

Remembering Jennifer

This picture was taken on Memorial day, but i haven't uploaded it until now. I thought this was a cute pic of the George boys.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thank you friends

After my last post, so many of my great friends gave me a call; thank you! The day before I posted that i had a really emotional, lonely day and I guess it came out in my blog. Steve was home from church with a sore back and i was alone with two little boys. I guess i just felt a little alone at church without him. I am great now and have awesome friends! Steve's back is feeling a little better. I guess he is starting to feel his age..30!
To all my friends..don't worry and thank you for your calls!

Monday, June 23, 2008

I Need my girls!

Have you ever gone through a time period where you just need to be around your gal pals? I think i am experiencing that. Don't get me wrong...i love Morgan and my husband...i just need some extra girl time. I am in a family of all boys right now and I need the femine touch. If you are one of my girl friends and you read this...please give me a call....I need you right now.
thanks! Holly

Cool ASL stuff!

My sister Heather, found this cool ASL picture for me, so i am sharing it with all of you.

Thank you Heather.
All the letters are made out of match sticks. I hope you find a way to enlarge it and see it better. I thought it was cool. can! Just put the cursor on the pic and click on will enlarge.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Steve and I celebrated six years of marriage on Saturday, the 7th of June. Time flies so fast!!! We looked back and have accomplished a lot in 6 short years. We went to eat at Kobe then went to see the new Indiana Jones movie. Our big celebration will be in July when we go on the second half of the church history tour; this time we will go to palmyra and Kirtland.
I am lucky to have such a good husband who adores me and our kids!! He works so hard for us and is fun to be with. I love you Steve!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fisher's stitches

Yesterday, June 4, Fisher fell and had to get stitches. He was climbing up his dresser to reach his underwear and it tipped over and pinned him. It scared me so bad! I quickly found someone to watch Tucker, then took Fish to the insta care in South Ogden. Fisher needed 2 stitches next to his right eye. I didn't get any before pictures because i was too frantic at the moment, but do have some after. He is doing pretty well now. Since I didn't have Steve with me the doctor suggested we put him in the papoose board so he couldn't move; he didn't like that at all! As soon as he was free, he signed and voiced no to the doctor! Our little trooper now has his first set of stitches. Way to go Fish for being so brave!

Some of my favs